European Market Entry

Why Europe?

Europe is a diverse and dynamic market, offering businesses a wide range of opportunities. With a population of over 700 million people, it is the largest single market in the world and presents businesses with an attractive and profitable opportunity to expand their operations and increase their revenues.

Europe is also home to some of the world’s leading companies, providing businesses with access to high-quality partners, suppliers, and customers. The European Union (EU) is also one of the world’s most advanced regulatory frameworks, providing businesses with a secure and predictable environment in which to operate.

Solution description (European Market Entry)

The key to a successful and sustainable entry into the European market is an elaborated marketing strategy. To ensure success, an in-depth market analysis should be conducted to gain an understanding of the local market environment, potential competitors and customers. This analysis should be used to develop a market entry strategy that takes into account the local mentality and culture.

In most cases, new international companies consider incorporating a legal entity in the country they are entering. However, this is only the first step in the evaluation process. Before this, it is important to identify a long-term business goal and define an individual business strategy.

Once the long-term business strategy has been established, an individual go-to-market approach should be defined to support the market entry strategy. This should take into account the brand, people and market. By creating an optimized market entry strategy that aligns marketing and sales organizations with multiple channels, and communicating the story to the right customer segment, the brand, products or services will have increased penetration in the European markets.

To ensure the success of the strategy, it is important to work closely with all stakeholders throughout the process. This will allow for frequent monitoring of goals and results of the tailored market entry strategy.

European market entry framework

Market evaluation

  • Market Research
  • Market Segmentation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Regulatory and Legal Analysis

Entry Planning & Preparation

  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Partnership Identification
  • Logistics Planning

Market entry implementation

  • Legal Setup
  • Localization
  • Marketing
  • Sales Establishment

Local operations

  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Supply Chain Management
  • HR Management
  • Customer Service

Grow your business with Eurolution


  • Review of the business case
  • Understand business activities
  • Define project criteria
  • Translate into location benchmarking
  • Draft Human resource profiles
  • Understand supply chain management factors
  • Highlight knock-out criteria


  • Strategy meetings & workshops
  • Site selection expert
  • Industry expert
  • Human resource expert
  • Supply chain expert
  • Transfer pricing expert


  • Communication plan
  • Project management plan
  • Final list with countries/cities
  • Final list with location factors
  • Final evaluation of knockout criteria
  • Final required human resource profiles

Services provided

  • Development of market entry strategy
  • Market, competitor and customer analyses
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Business, finance and liquidity verification
  • Defining sales strategies & processes

Business incorporation

Eurolution, equipped with comprehensive expertise, specializes in shepherding international companies through the intricate process of business incorporation across Europe.

Customer reach

Your products or services may well be superior and many people may already know your brand in your home market. In Europe, however, you experience difficulties to get your product to market. We have seen this phenomenon many times before and in many ways, with companies coming from all around the world approaching the European market.

Sometimes it is the way people react to new products and services; sometimes it is the challenge to identify potential partners to do business with. Organizations usually benefit from localized professionals who know the market and know how to develop business within that market.

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How can we help?

While we may not boast three decades of experience, our consultancy is passionately committed to guiding businesses through the complexities of entering European markets. Despite being new to this journey, our dedication to helping companies thrive in unfamiliar territories remains unwavering.

We’ve already assisted numerous companies in strategizing their market entries, despite our shorter tenure. Most of these firms, like yours, possessed strong product portfolios and successful operations in their home markets. Their key concerns echoed yours—structuring effective market strategies and understanding cultural nuances in these uncharted territories.

Our commitment lies in tailoring your market entry strategy to align with your long-term vision. We strongly believe that meticulous strategic planning and due diligence are fundamental to your success in Europe. Our consultancy’s focus is to support you right from the onset of your market entry. Our expertise in corporate strategy ensures that risks are minimized, providing you with transparency and confidence as you step into new markets.

While our journey in this field may be in its early stages, our dedication, commitment, and specialized support are ready to be at your service in making your European market entry a resounding success.

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